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Is located in padining area on the first floor of the hotel, D, 6350 square meters with a total construction area, the main function is peony banquet hall, lavender western restaurant, lobby bar, South Korea cuisine restaurant, spa cafeteria, executive lounge, dining rooms, zero restaurant, cellar cigar.
    Peony: banquet hall can accommodate 420 people, and expansion stage performances, is the ideal place for weddings, banquets groups.
    Lavender western restaurant: the hot spring town of lavender garden named, the use of western style decoration design style and Chinese style design, the perfect combination of.
    Lobby bar: in the lobby of the hotel, the decoration for simple European style, to give people a warm, comfortable and elegant, equipped with the world's top illy coffee machine, to produce a mellow coffee, delicious infinite.
    South Korean cuisine restaurant: Japan's famous restaurant design professional team design, according to Japan and South Korea culture and architectural style of design and decoration.
    Hot spring buffet restaurant: located in the hot spring health center two, can accommodate more than 300 people dining.
    The executive lounge is the best place to feel: chayashan Spa Resort Hotel Executive Floor comfort, privacy and convenient. 
    In the dining rooms: Cantonese cuisine primarily to local cuisine - Henan to supplement the most distinctive local features in the dining rooms.
    A la carte restaurant: meal number 40, architectural style is Chinese style, launched major cuisine mainly in Cantonese cuisine, cuisine, very local characteristics.
    Wine & Cigar Bar: a total construction area of 315 square meters, storing cigars 147 box, liquor 131 bottle, wine 2439 bottle and 26 cases of wine storage.


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