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The Chaya mountain hot spring resort hotel is invested by the Henan Suiping County Youli Industrial Co., Ltd., is a by the new national standard of five star resort hotel, the investment 2.16 billion yuan, a total area of 697 acres, construction area of 120961.4 square meters, the total room number 780 & middot; set, by Hong Kong Swiss case Lyon International Hotel Group Co., Ltd. management to hot spring culture as the theme of the hotel. Hotel has passed the national five Star Hotel audit assessment.

The Chaya Mountain Resort & Spa is located in Suiping County Cha Chaya mountain scenic area north gate, 220 km away from Zhengzhou City, capital of Henan, 180 kilometers away from Xinzheng airport, 50 km from the city of Zhumadian, 25 km from the city of Suiping County, convenient transportation, geographical position superior. The Chaya mountain hot spring resort hotel by the Chaya Mountain Resort & spa area, chayashan health spa area, the Chaya mountain springs wooden villa district, chayashan soup hot house villas, Cha Chaya Hill International Conference Center, the Chaya mountain hot spring holiday villa, grinding Lake Resort seven main functional areas.

The Chaya Mountain Resort & Spa is six provinces of central body of the largest scale, highest grade, functional layout of the most perfect leisure resort complex with hot spring culture as the theme, with beautiful nature of the Chaya mountain scenery features, highlights, in pursuit of a healthy and joyful life style for the purpose of experience tourism and leisure resort on the perfect combination of the ecological food, to create a distinct theme leisure resort.

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