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chayashan spa, a total area of 120 acres, is the Central Plains six scale body of the largest spa project, has characteristics of pool 163. He raised the concept of Chinese health to a high degree of. He leads a healthy lifestyle. The Chaya mountain spring water is a rare quality uranium hot springs, mineral rich in chloride, sulfate, fluoride, radon, soluble silicate, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and other more than 30 kinds of beneficial to human, often bubble hot spring with health, beauty, longevity and other effects.

health spa center, with a total construction area of about 20000 square meters, the use of Chinese style courtyard garden architectural style. 1 floor for the comprehensive service hall, with a total of 2680 men and women's locker. And indoor thermostatic swimming pool and indoor spa. 2 floor aromatherapy movie hall, hot spring rest hall, billiard room, child mischievous fort, aromatherapy auditorium, Chinese medicine therapy, foot, massage zone VIP, Shuba, Internet cafes. 3 floor for the Bali Island SPA area.

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